United Kingdom

Beginning of the Brexit

This week, the British government will trigger mechanisms to begin the formal exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

During the months following Brexit, the Prime Minister had all good winds. Public opinion is sure that the desire expressed in the referendum will be respected. The political parties, in particular the Euro-skeptics, are content with the general outlines because British interests in respect of free trade and immigration are safeguarded.

The only ones who lost were David Cameron and the European leaders. The first because he wanted the United Kingdom to be as close as possible to the European club. European officials are certain that the UK will be a competitor on a number of issues, including relations with the United States.

Despite having almost everything in favor, Theresa May may have problems at an external level. That is, in the way the other European countries intend to treat the UK. At a time when leading European leaders are on the way out, the sure thing is to have some kind of vendetta because the upcoming changes are linked to Brexit.

Domestically I do not believe in great manifestations of displeasure if May keeps the promises. Nor should Europe's bad moods alter the Prime Minister's stance. One notes a huge willingness of the political class to defend British interests. Basically, almost everyone understands that the best solution is to leave the European club, and not even the threats from Scotland change the course set.

Over the past year, Theresa May has had a quiet mandate, but the European issue is the biggest challenge until 2019.

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