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Trump´s first political defeat

The US president will have to drop two aspects of the political project. The alliance with Russia and the new health system.

Confirmations from security agencies over Trump's calls to the Russians in the recent election campaign is the biggest political problem. From this moment, there is no more conditions to establish privileged relations with Moscow because the idea that transpires is of Putin to have Trump in the hand.

The only way out for the US Head of State is to choose a new outside friend. Relations with Russia may be different from what happened in Obama's term, but there can be no special contact.

You will never know the full truth about the businessman's relationship with Moscow. The problem is that public and published opinion is already being contaminated, so the only way for Trump to keep going up is to treat Russia as an equal partner with others.

The revocation of Obamacare is also a losing battle for Trump. The way he threatened Republican congressmen is another sign of authoritarianism. The positions adopted confirm that Congress will be the main opponent of the President. Even if Obamacare is revoked, there is also no certainty that the new health system will be approved.

The American leader faces numerous challenges in the first few months of his term. There will be no blank checks, despite the Republican majority in the House and Senate, which does not like to be threatened.

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